Ep. 11: Three poems from Worth 1k – – – Volume 1

The first two of these poems were written at the South Window in the Windows area of Arches National park in Utah, and the other was written not far around the corner from there, at the Garden of Eden Viewpoint. The first two are actually intended to be in the form of a modified Haiku (or Tanka), with three short lines together followed by a pair of additional short lines. This is a form I go back to often, especially in these poetry journals, because it allows me to craft the entire poem and hold it in my mind as I take in the experience, without having to stop experiencing to put it down in words. The brevity also usually helps enhance clarity, as I am forced to try to get my thoughts, feelings, impressions and observations encapsulated within such a small space.

Though the middle poem is certainly not my favorite from this book… Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section, below.