Last Christmas

by Teel McClanahan III, Copyright © 2009-2010

A Horror short story

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Last Christmas

Story Description:

A short story that follows Santa Claus as he prepares for and makes deliveries on a dark, post-apocalyptic Christmas Eve. At first Santa doesn’t know precisely what’s been going on all year, but slowly the pieces begin to come together to form a picture of what remains of the world. Find out whether a little Christmas magic will be enough to bring holiday cheer to a world on its last legs.


About the Author

Teel is an independent author, artist, game designer & developer, creative visionary, podcaster, and publisher.

Teel is happily married to an English teacher and they live together in Phoenix, AZ with a cat which does not appreciate having Teel read his books aloud to it nearly as much as you probably would. While satisfied with never having to shovel the desert’s heat from his driveway, Teel is interested in experiencing more travel in his life—especially of sorts like “through time” and “to other planets,” so feel free to invite him along if you’re going.

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Podcast Audio

The audio version of Last Christmas is available for free on the Modern Evil Podcast, in episode 138, as well as in the Podioracket presents – Visionaries anthology at


Original Cover Art

Last Christmas - Original Cover Art
‘Last Christmas’ – Original Cover Art
acrylic on canvas

This painting was designed and painted specifically to create the cover for the eBook version of Last Christmas.