Dragons’ Truth

by Teel McClanahan III, Copyright © 2004

A novel of Contemporary Fantasy

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Dragons' Truth

Dragons’ Truth is not just the coming-of-age story of a boy who meets a dragon and the way the dragon’s teachings change his life, but also represents a sort of allegory about some of the problems with the separation of the common man from higher education and the world of academia.

It is suitable for young readers as well as adults.

From the back cover:

When two young boys decide to skip school and seek adventure one day, they end up finding much more than they ever bargained for. More than the dragon and the mountain of riches they see at first, one of the boys finds the entire course of his life changed.

That boy, Larry, finds himself at the center of an adventure bigger than anything he’d ever dreamed of. And when Larry’s continuing adventure begins to effect his schoolwork, and then his teachers and his entire school, Larry’s not sure what he’s gotten himself into. When the effects of that seemingly innocent day begin to spread throughout – and then to threaten – his entire nation, Larry is forced to take action or face the destruction of the entire human race as a result of a single day of hooky.

Join Larry as he grows from a little boy into the last chance for survival that humanity may have, and find out just how complicated a happy ending can become…

Contains some violent content.


About the Author

Teel is an independent author, artist, creative visionary, blogger, publisher, podcaster, and sometimes filmmaker.

Teel is a lifelong resident of Arizona, and like most lifelong residents of Arizona, he longs to visit faraway places. Places with exotic things like weather, and trees. Places from which he can return happy and secure in the knowledge that while you always have to shovel snow, you never have to shovel heat. He does believe in dragons, though he won’t tell you the real trick to finding one, or surviving if they decide to kill you.

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The Audio version of Dragons’ Truth was recorded in 2008, was read entirely by the author, Teel McClanahan III, and features a brief musical theme, also composed by the author specifically for the recording. Dragons’ Truth was podcast both on the Modern Evil Podcast in 15 parts and on Podiobooks.com in 8 parts. The MP3, MP3-CD, & Audio-CD Audiobook versions contain the same basic recordings, but without intro/outro on every file. In addition, where multiple chapters were combined into fewer files for Podiobooks.com, they are presented as single files when you purchase the audiobook—one MP3 per chapter. With separate tracks at the beginning and end of the audiobook for the Introduction and Thanks, there are a total of 17 tracks.

The Audiobook version is available on 4 Audio CDs, on 1 MP3 CD, and as a digital download of the same files created for the MP3 CD. If you buy it directly from the author you can get the MP3 Audiobook without DRM; though considering the free podcast version is still available, your respect in not re-distributing the provided ZIP file is appreciated: Buy the Audiobook

If you cannot afford to pay for the audiobook, please enjoy the podcast version. The following is a list of links to all episodes of Dragons’ Truth on the Modern Evil Podcast:

  • Chapter 1: In which 12-year-old Larry first meets the dragon Ghadshyk.
  • Chapter 2: In which Larry, alone, is invited to enter Ghadshyk’s home, and quickly agrees that he’ll do his homework and accept tutoring in exchange for hearing the dragon’s stories.
  • Chapter 3: The Story of the Ugly Dragon, In which Ghadshyk meets an unusual pink dragon who is revealed to be the human wizard Merle in dragon form.
  • Chapter 4: In which Larry gets a taste of the magical security system protecting Ghadshyk’s home, learning that only dragons may enter safely on their own.
  • Chapter 5: In which Ghadshyk explains the often-overlooked relationship between studying Algebra in middle school and leading a long, happy, and fulfilling life.
  • Chapter 6: The Second Meeting, in which Ghadshyk and Merle meet after a year and discuss what Merle has done and learned in the time he’s had.
  • Chapter 7: In which Larry receives notes from his teachers about a meeting scheduled between them, his parents, and his dragon tutor – and discusses the implications of the note with Ghadshyk.
  • Chapter 8: Ghadshyk Comes of Age, in which Ghadshyk first reveals his scandalous relationship with a human wizard to the dragon community.
  • Chapter 9: In which Larry’s teachers reveal their intentions for his future education, and his parents reveal their continued disinterest, none of them realizing there’s a dragon in the room.
  • Chapter 10: In which Larry and Ghadshyk discuss how Ghadshyk’s influence on a few local teachers has become a national phenomenon that is threatening to bring the economy to its knees as people everywhere become passionate about going back to school.
  • Chapter 11: In which Merle arrives, reveals that an army of dragons is on its way to destroy America, then agrees to teach Larry everything there is to know about dragons in the hope that humanity will have some small chance against them.
  • Chapter 12: In which Larry learns nearly everything humanity has ever put down in words.
  • Chapter 13: In which dragons invade America, and no man-made weapon is able even to slow down their fiery path of efficient destruction.
  • Chapter 14: In which Larry confronts the dragon Bryyt, whose arrogance and hatred has poisoned dragon teachings for millennia while holding humanity back from enlightenment.
  • Chapter 15: In which Larry shows Merle how sharing enlightenment and universal truth with humanity can only make things better, changing even violent criminals’ lives in an instant.