Ep. 17: First preview of More Lost Memories

For National Novel Writing Month this year, I’m writing a collection of short stories, all connected to the novel I just finished writing in October (probably called Forget What You Can’t Remember, though no titles are yet final) in that they take an idea or character or background element and expand or focus in to give depth to that novel’s world and tell more of the stories that take place there. I expect to release both the novel and the short story collection in December, 2008. The current name of the short story collection is More Lost Memories, and for the next month or two I’m going to be giving you previews of its stories here in these mid-week episodes.

I don’t want to overwhelm you too quickly by going right into one of the longer ones (although admittedly I haven’t finished any of the longer ones quite yet), so today I’ve recorded the shortest story. It’s only 825 words long.

I hope you enjoy it.