Ep. 31: Two poems from Worth 1k – – – Volume 2

The last two poems in the feed for 2008, also from Worth 1k — Volume 2. The first one is actually somewhat fun/humorous, and is a sort of a meta-meta-poem. Post-post-modern, or post- Post-post-modern, perhaps. (Yes, I think piling repetitive tags on things like that is silly. So is my poem, intentionally about a breakdown in meta-.) The second poem is more personal. A look at how I sometimes bury myself in a world of numbers and math to escape from or distract from the world, or simply to give my mind something to do when (especially at a boring day job) there’s literally no challenge to getting the job done.

Nowadays, I still find myself scrawling notebooks full of numbers, column after column of hard-calculated numbers, the explanation of which just makes other peoples’ heads hurt (though not for mathematical sophistication; I’ve never taken any really advanced math classes), but -lately- which produces an end result of interesting and/or beautiful music. (I’ve been composing intro/outro and bed music for my podcasts mathematically.)