Ep. 345: Virtual Danger, Chapter 4

Virtual Danger, Chapter Four: In which Death Noodle tries to find, on his own, a way to restore Robot to life.

Ep. 344: Virtual Danger, Chapter 3

Virtual Danger, Chapter Three: In which Death Noodle meets with his UN contacts and faces a difficult choice.

Ep. 343: Virtual Danger, Chapter 2

Virtual Danger, Chapter Two: In which Death Noodle attends Glitterfairy’s funeral, then has to deal with a series of interviews -first with the press and then with a young group of DNGR’s biggest fans- wherein he learns more about Villain and his nefarious plot.

Ep. 342: Virtual Danger, Prologue & Chapter 1

Virtual Danger, Prologue: In which Villain interrupts DNGR’s concert to steal a vital component from Robot, killing Glitterfairy and deactivating Robot in the process.
Virtual Danger, Chapter One: In which the dust from Villain’s attack settles, Death Noodle begins the grieving process, and Band Manager takes him to Glitterfairy’s funeral.

Ep. 341: Sophia (Never Let the Right One Go), Chapter 27

Sophia (Never Let the Right One Go), Chapter 27: In which Sophia reconciles with her parents, and acknowledges that she didn’t need to seek love in the world as she already had the perfect love of Christ in her life.
(This is the final episode of the Modern Evil Podcast until I finish some new books – probably until some time in 2013.)

Ep. 340: Emily (Never Let the Right One Go), Chapter 26

Emily (Never Let the Right One Go), Chapter 26: In which Emily remains dedicated to the cause until the bitter end.

Ep. 339: Unspecified (2 poems, About the Author, Acknowledgements)

Two more haikus from the collection, the ‘About the Author’, and Yoshira’s ‘Acknowledgements’.